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Best Multimedia Laptop (2020 Update)

Laptop market has been quite competitive during the last few years with increasing number of best multimedia laptop competitors each year. With numerous products being sold in the market, today’s models have encompassed almost everything. Some laptops are advertised for being featherweight while some others are known for being powerful for gaming. Some are even … Read more

Best 17 Inch Laptop (2020 Update)

Display size for laptop is important when you work on project such as photography, graphic design, video editing, and gaming. 17 inch is the biggest size in laptop category. In fact, many companies put their best 17 inch laptop on market to obtain profit from potential niche. Laptop market changes dramatically from daily basis purpose … Read more

Best Laptops under $500 (2020 Update)

In this modern era, technology has been much developed. Therefore, there are so many gadgets and electronic devices are produced to make people’s life become easier. As you know, computer has important role for some people to work. However, some of them prefer a laptop than a computer because of some benefits like portability. Laptop … Read more

Best Cheap Gaming Laptop (2020 Update)

Do you like to play computer games? Do your daily activities require you to run various heavy duty programs? If you fit either or both conditions, you need to consider buying a gaming laptop. Such type of laptop is going to perform many program tasks exceptionally. Laptop designed for gaming is usually equipped with sophisticated … Read more