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Best Laptops under $500 (2020 Update)

In this modern era, technology has been much developed. Therefore, there are so many gadgets and electronic devices are produced to make people’s life become easier. As you know, computer has important role for some people to work. However, some of them prefer a laptop than a computer because of some benefits like portability. Laptop is available in several types, according to the function and feature. You should choose the best one that fits to your needs. Moreover, it will be better if you can find a laptop with not only great features, but also affordable. So, you might need the best laptop under 500.

Laptop might be good choice if you need a device that you can bring everywhere to work. However, in 2015, tablets were more popular because it is lighter and thinner than laptop and notebook. Besides, laptop also even was believed to be substituted by tablet. However, it does not happen because some manufactures then released some products of laptop that are completed by great features and of course lightweight machine to fulfill buyer’s demands. You also can find easily the affordable best laptop under 500. Furthermore, there is also a lot of gaming notebooks or hybrid laptops with fine processor and graphic cards for gamers.

What You Need To Notice about Features and Specifications before Buying a Laptop

There are some things you must notice if you are going to buy a laptop, especially for gaming notebooks. You are better to peek the product’s review about the battery life, element highlight, and processor speed. Those specifications are really important to support you while using the laptop. Besides, there are also the other things like laptop’s chassis design, keyboard convenience, and the specific model of laptop’s setup. A better specification must have higher price. However, with $500, you still can get the best one that can fulfill your needs.

To Notice about the specifications and features is important, especially if you are looking for gaming laptop. Even though a great product is offered in high cost, you are lucky when you can find laptop with good quality but with an affordable cost that fits to your budget. Then, can the best laptop under 500 let you to play the newest game with quick load time? You might find a laptop with the price under 500, but it still plays the game with stutter. Then, it is not recommended to choose although it is inexpensive.

Laptop Specs You Get If You Have Budget below $500

It is obvious that you will not get specifications with the latest technology. However, the laptop you can get with that budget might be supported by hardware parts that are powerful and durable enough. Some of specs you might have are memory as much as 4GB and Space of hard drive that is up to 320GB. Then, you also can get third generation of i5 and i7 Core, or the newest fourth era of Center CPU i3. Moreover, you should make sure that the laptop is completed with Card reader, and 3.0 and 2.0 USB ports. You might not get a laptop that is google-chrome based with full experience of windows. If you are still confused to choose the best product, you can look at these some reviews.

Dell Windows 10 Inspiron 11

This laptop is supported by great processor which is Intel N3540. Then, it is also designed with feature of touch screen that represent multimedia purposes perfectly. Its size that is 11.6 inch also will facilitate you to paly game, watch movie, and make a video. This laptop is equipped by 4GB RAM that is able to accomplish the many multimedia activities without significant problem. The last, you must not worry to save and download a lot of files, because the hard drive memory is available with 500 GB space.

Toshiba Satellite C55-C5379 with Windows 10

This laptop can be another option for the best laptop under 500 in 2016. The processor of this laptop is Intel i3 CoreTM 5005U. You will be convenient to use if for watching movie, playing games through a device of home theater. Then, to store files of music, movie and the others, the 500 GB hard drive space is available to use. Moreover, the screen display is equipped by high definition technology of 15.6 LED backlit that make you read email more comfortably. The combination of fine microphone, webcam with high definition facilitate you doing facetime with your time cozily.

HP Full HD 15-AY011NR

You must know that this laptop not only become one of some products for the best laptop under 500 2016, but also get high rate for the customer’s review. Before you find out about its performance, you must be amazed with its outer look. This laptop looks chic and sophisticated through its silver cover and keyboard while the display frame and keys are black. Then, what you can expect for the specifications? If you are looking for a laptop with fine display, this laptop might be the best choice. With up to 4169MB memory of HD Intel Graphic, you can enjoy playing games, watching movies, and many more in incredible view. The screen with full HD also offers vibrant display that makes you feel satisfied. This amazing view is completed with DTS Studio for the sound. This laptop’s performance is also great, because it is powered by Intel i5 Core 6200U that is 6th generation processor with 2.3 GHz speed.

Asus T200TA-C1-BL Transformer Book

What make people prefer laptop than a computer is about the portability. Moreover, mostly people also try to find a laptop with ultra-light weight and slimmest chassis. Then, this laptop can be the best answer for many people. This touchscreen laptop has only 3.6 pounds for the weight, and 10.1 inch for the screen size. It makes you easier to bring and to use the laptop to anywhere. Moreover, the aluminum touch screen is detachable so you can transform it into the flexible and convenient tablet. One of weakness of the best laptop under 500 in 2016 is its low storage that is only 64GB. However, you still upgrade it with the drive bay to get more storage.

HP 15-F211WM

You might make right decision choosing this laptop if you are looking for a basic laptop with low cost. With budget under 500 US Dollar, you can get this laptop, which is powered by dual core processor Celeron N2840. Besides, you will conveniently use it to do some office works, school home works, play games, watch movies and many more because the screen is available in 15.6 inch. With Radeon graphic and 4GB RAM you definitely can see the monitor in clear view and do many activities comfortably. You also can save many files in this laptop because it has 500 GB of storage.

Asus X540LA-SI30205P

Do you need a laptop that can keep your numerous important files? Then, this laptop is the best choice. With 1TB storage available for the hard drive, you are really able to save various files of photos, music, videos, documents and many more. Furthermore, it becomes best laptop under 500 dollars not only because of its high storage, but also the other great features, like 5th generations of Intel processor that is i3 CoreTM 5020U. Furthermore, you also can see the screen conveniently because its 15.6 inched screen is supported by HD resolution. The view must be clear and satisfying. If the hard ware specifications make you amazed, so does its outer appearance. This one of the best laptops under 500 dollars looks dazzling and chic because of the combination of black keys and screen frame, and silver keyboard and grey. Then, this laptop is convenient to carry, because it is only 15 x 10 x 1 inches for its dimension and 4.4 pounds for its weight.

Acer Aspire V 15 V3-572P-326T

The next option for the best laptops under 500 dollars that you can consider to buy is Acer Aspire V3-572P-326T. This laptop can be great choice for you who need a gadget both to work and to play. It is supported by Dual Core processor i3 that can ease you doing business activities and enjoying some entertainment features conveniently. The battery even can endure for 7 hours. Its touch screen is equipped by 15.6 LED with technology of multi-touch support for 10 fingers. This laptop has also not only stylish look, but also 1 TB HDD storage and 6 GB DR.

Acer Chromebook

Chromebook has become quite popular nowadays. However, it might be difficult to find a Chromebook with great quality but in affordable cost. Then, this laptop might be the right choice for you. There are two main things that make this laptop considered to buy. First is about its 15.6 inched screen that is supported by HD screen technology for the display. Second is its powerful processor that is i5 Intel Core. Moreover, another advantage of this laptop is its battery life that can endure for 9 hours. That is why this Chromebook from Acer become one of the best laptop this year.

Asus F555LA-AB31

It is important to see the product’s review before you buy it to know if it’s good or not. Then, you should not hesitant to this laptop’s performance, because it has high rated performance. So, what make it become one of the best laptops under 500 dollars is its some great specifications and features. First, this laptop is supported by newest generation of i3 Intel Core processor. It is powerful enough to give a fine performance.  Second, you can have comfortable face time chat with your friends through its webcam. It is because its camera is equipped by high sensitivity sensor feature. It is able to adjust lighting around you and give smooth and high quality photos and video. Moreover, to transfer data faster, there is also 3.0 USB ports available. You can transfer data of big files in such a shorter time than USB 2.0 ports. Then, for its design, you can see that this laptop looks amazing through the combination of black and silver for its color that looks modern and chic. So, are you interested to choose this best traditional laptop?

Dell 15 3000 Inspiron Series

Nowadays, there are many laptops available that offer multitask functionality. Like this laptop that can make you easier to do both working and multimedia activities. This top laptop under 500 might be the best answer if you are looking for a laptop to work and play. With powerful i3 Intel Core processor, it will give a fine performance. It can handle multitask also because of the memory of 4GB DDR available for this laptop. You must need enough space storage to save your important files, so do not worry, because you can use it offers 500 GB hard drive. To do webcam chat is also fun and convenient with 1MP camera that is built in high definition.

Lenovo 80L000ALUS G50

The last option for top laptop under 500 that might help you to decide the best laptop that fits to your need is Lenovo G50. This laptop is great for both design and performance. You can see that it is designed in elegant look with the comprehend feature details. Intel Core i3 processor supports this laptop. Then, to give you great experience of entertainment, this laptop is equipped by combination of advanced audio and HD 15.6 inched display. It is also completed with DVD drive that enables you to watch movie and play music conveniently.

Those are 11 options of top laptop under 500 with the brief review of their specifications, features and designs. Even though you only have low budget below 500 US Dollars, you still can get the best laptop with great performance. Moreover, most of those choices are best seller and has high rated review. Therefore, you should not be worry, because you still can find a laptop offered with fine quality, but the price that you can still afford.