Top 10 Best Gaming Laptop Under $800 Not too Expensive

Best gaming laptop under 800 with all the required specs and features? Not a problem. In fact, you’d be surprised to know that there are actually some worthy notebook brands that won’t hurt your wallet and yet they are coming with all the greatest specs and features. Although it is nice to have the top notch device that has it all (crisp and detailed image, responsive and super-fast processors, impressive memory card, etc.), it doesn’t always mean that you should hurt the bank.

If you are clever enough, and you want to spend extra time looking around, you will actually find a lot of cool and also the best gaming laptops in 2018. It is a good thing that manufacturers and producers have seen the increased demand for affordable but high in quality laptops, and they have seen the competitive market to provide such a need.

Take a look around and you will actually see a lot of cool options with their impressive features and specs. Most of these notebooks are super responsive and light; forget the old-school bulky and heavy laptop because no one wants to deal with such a thing anymore. So, what are your options, really?

best gaming laptop under 800

Best Gaming Laptop Under $800 in 2018

1. Dell i5577 Gaming Laptop 15.6 Inch – Best Choice in 2018

This notebook comes with 15.6 inch of size which makes it quite favorable for entertainment. If you don’t play the game, you can watch videos or movies, and the decent size will deliver satisfying outcome. It comes with Intel Core i5 – 3,5 GHz. With a complete set of GeForce NVIDIA GTX 1050, 8GB DDR4 that is up to 32GB, and 1TB of memory, you are actually getting yourself a good bargain. The overall hardware is nice and responsive; not to mention the LED backlit with anti-glare display screen will make your time more fun when playing games. No wonder if this gaming laptop is included within the best gaming laptop under 800 lists.

Most of the people who have bought the notebook claim that it is a pretty good and solid notebook, with impressive performance that is more than they have thought. Not only it is good and handy for playing game, it is also good for regular work. The size is pretty big but it is worth it. Don’t expect a perfect speaker for it because it is one of the weaknesses of the device. However, in the overall sense, you can get yourself a good bargain with this device if you know how to make the best of it.

2. Nitro 5 Acer Laptop – Good Choice for 2018

You don’t always have to spend a fortune to get an impressive and super cool desktop replacement. Nitro 5 from Acer is the proof that it is possible to buy yourself a cool device under 800 dollar. The device comes with futuristic design and high quality display screen. With 15.6 inch for size and also GTX GeForce graphic, you will definitely have a fun time to play games.

There is also a combination of cool audio and also advanced cooling feature that will prolong the fun! The fast and responsive processor, the generous memory, and cool backlit keyboard only adds up to the excitement of using the device. It is definitely one of the best bargains in 2018 that you can take and enjoy.

Cheap Gaming Laptop

Asus VivoBook M580VD-EB54

As a cheap notebook designed for improved enjoyment and functionality, this VivoBook is packed with all the good stuff. The design is simple, elegant, and yet crisp. Thanks to the i5 Intel Core processor, the notebook comes with all the powerful features needed for a solid platform. It is solid and yet lightweight. The battery is long lasting, able to keep you playing games for several hours.

The combination of anti-glare HD display and GeForce NVIDIA graphic card makes it one of the best gaming laptop under 800. Don’t you find it worthy when you can spend money under 800 dollar and yet you can experience a top notch quality, more than you are bargaining for?

3. MSI GL62M Steel Series – Best Value Gaming Laptop 2018

Not many of the gaming notebook items will come with lightweight construction but this one is definitely different. There are a lot of things to like about this device. First of all, the combination of function and construction is absolutely superb.

It packs all of the features and technologies and yet it doesn’t show on the weight. If you are looking for a multifunctional notebook that can be used for fun and professional work, this is the right piece to choose. You can seriously play serious games with high resolution without any obstructions, and yet, you don’t have to worry about the carry because this desktop replacement is super comfy to tag along here and there.

It packs a good combo of power and portability, including impressive graphic, Intel processor, GTX GeForce, and impressive cooling feature; it is no wonder if it is considered one of the best gaming laptop under 800. When you use it, it feels like you are operating a great device worth of thousands of dollars.

4. 2018 Newest HP Pavilion Flagship Premium – Cheap Gaming Notebook

This is a notebook that combines enjoyment and functionality in the smartest arrangement. It comes with the right size, 15.6 inch, to deliver high quality entertainment. With Quad Core i7 8th gen processor, you can expect a super responsive and fast operation.

Unlike other notebooks with ‘only’ 1TB for storage, this newest notebook in 2018, comes with 2TB. How generous is that! Thanks to dual speaker, memory slot, and other features, this device can really deliver satisfying experience when you playing games. Looking for the best gaming laptop under 800? You can have it here.

5. Lenovo Y700 FHD – Radeon Gaming Notebook 2018

What makes this the best gaming laptop under 800? For a starter, if you take a look at the design of this desktop replacement, you can see a solid device that guarantees you to make you fun when playing games. After all, there are so many good features that are packed within the device. The trusted and high end graphic card makes the images crisp, bright, and detailed. You will have a real-life experience, accompanied with the impressive sound system. There is also brightness control in two levels, allowing you to have fun even when it is close to midnight.

As one of the top laptops 2018, enjoy all of the combined features like responsive keyboard, fast processor, generous display screen, booming sound and speaker, and also crisp image. If you want to view your options of the promising notebook under 800 dollar, this item should be included within your list.

6. Asus VivoBook Thin and Light – Value Choice in 2018

Looking for a reliable laptop with limited budgets? This one comes with a tag price under 800 dollar without compromising the quality, both in design and also performance. With such a price, you can get yourself a powerful processor with i7 Intel Core and also NVIDIA graphic system. The notebook is solid and yet lightweight and handy, creating a nice structure and also reliable feel. The design itself is simple and elegant but once you use it for your favorite game, it is a battle field to start!

Quality sound, impressive image, responsive speed, and solid feel are amongst the top notch quality you can expect from it. As one of the best gaming laptop under 800, this notebook surely promises a lot. Be aware of the quality of the camera, though, but you can definitely expect a satisfying outcome from this item, if you know how to make use of it.

Great Gaming Laptop


As one of the best devices ever made, this notebook is designed with all of the handy features. This is one of the best gaming laptop under 800 with lightweight construction and also thin design. The battery life is nice, able to play games for several hours. The image is crisp and bright. When compared to other desktops replacement, this one may be considered ‘less powerful’ from the specs point of view. Still, it delivers punchy performance and effect. Don’t forget that you are getting the best with such a price tag.

Don’t expect it to be too perfect or too flawless. It is one of good desktop replacement that is worth your spending. With Radeon graphic card, AMD quad core processor, and 1TB storage capacity, you can definitely expect a smooth and impressive quality.

7. Dell Gaming Laptop – Best Seller in 2018

This is another notebook from Dell specializing in game sector. It packs with all the important features needed from a gaming laptop. Not only you can expect great performance in the gaming sector, you can also expect super quality in all entertainment aspects. Full frame display will ensure your satisfaction with detailed and bright images to the edges; no boundaries included. Backlit keyboard and high quality sound will make your experience complete and full.

As one of the best gaming laptop under 800, it comes with good cooling system, able to provide nice cooling effect so your device won’t overheat. It is also light with all the right technologies and features that would improve the overall enjoyment. Don’t forget that battery life is also important, unless you want your fun time to be cut abruptly in such unpleasant way. The three different color options for the notebook are also great to personalize your pick.

8. HP 2017 Gaming Laptop

It may be coming from last year’s production but it doesn’t mean that the overall construction is bad or outdated. This hp notebook comes with sturdy but lightweight construction that will lighten up your mood with the easy use. There isn’t anything flimsy or cheesy about the overall design and construction. It is simple, yes, but it also packs with all the important elements and features.

Despite the tag price under 800 dollar, this notebook is super nice and solid. The i7 processor is fast and responsive – after all, would you expect less from Intel product? The image is bright, clear, and detailed. The quality of construction is flawless. In short, if you are expecting the best gaming laptop under 800, this would be the perfect choice for you.

9. Aspire Acer E5-573G – Cheap Laptop 2018

The notebook combines handy features, stylish design, and improved aesthetic that will only create a better satisfaction every time you use it. The specs are simple and yet amazing. The Intel core i5 processor is accompanied by Turbo Boost technology to deliver fast and clean operation. With backlit display for a more convenient viewing, generous display screen, and also generous storage, this is a handy notebook that can be used for multiple functions.

Of course, you also need to have a logical expectation when it comes to this one of the best gaming laptop under 800. Remember that you won’t be spending more than $1000 so you should expect the same feature for such a price range. If you want a perfect 2018 notebook, you should be spending more than $800. After all, you basically get what you are bargaining for.

10. Dell Inspiron 15 Inch – Recommended for 2018 Laptop

As one of the best gaming laptop under 800, you actually get more than you are bargaining for. It is less spacious and big than the others, but it doesn’t make it less functional. The i5 Intel Core processor is responsive and fast, and when it is backed up with the impressive graphic card and amazing image quality, you can only expect the best. The LED backlit screen with anti-glare design will deliver more convenient viewing ability, perfect for your needs.

You can probably get another good notebooks under $800, but why would you do that if you already have this promising notebook? It is a multifunctional desktop replacement designed for improved entertainment. As a cheap desktop replacement, it comes with all the needed features, technologies, and specs. It is your choice to use it as a gaming platform or as a professional device.

In the end, you have different options when it comes to powerful and impressive notebooks in 2018 – all of which coming with its best features and technologies. Don’t rush things; think about everything carefully before making a decision. Think about the things that matter, focusing on your needs. Those laptops are worthy but only if you can make the best out of it.